A thoughtful process of Creation


A journey of creation is a continuous learning process. How the journey of this key holder began? We, Indians, are staunch believers in positive vibes. We welcome everything new in our houses with celebration, positivity, and prayers. So, how do you welcome a new house? With something Shubh and what better than Om.

A key holder is a utility item in the house, but it can be turned into a piece of art. This is what we tried to achieve here. This key holder has the attribute of being compact and still has 4 key hanging hooks. Now comes the part of where we add art for it to look beautiful.

Firstly, which art should be used – kundan work, cone work or paper craft. Art doesn’t come with a set of rules, it is developed as we go along. So, cone work was chosen with interspersed kundan work, but it was left to how the cone work will look like and whether kundans would really be needed or not. As you see, the final result doesn’t have kundans. A variety of paper craft can be done for the key holder, but our endeavor is to create something economical for the customers.

So, colours were chosen thinking maybe this product will be placed at the entrance. It was thought for the colours to be bright but not gaudy in totality. While creating, it was thought which design should be made with different cone colours and going along the colour interactions were considered. Finally, the key holder was complete when cone work was apt and not overdone.


There is a scope of improvement in the finesse of cone work. Moreover, we will most definitely incorporate feedback from the end users into the product. It will be great if you tell us your views about the Om key holder and the process behind it– just scribble a post on our page www.facebook.com/melangehandicrafts or mail us at melangehandicrafts@gmail.com

Signing off 🙂

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