It’s Your CHOICE where you shop!!

Stepping out of the house at nick of time and I say, “let me call a cab”. My dad’s reaction, “We will just walk down and get an auto”. I say, “It is just more convenient. The car will come and we be sit comfortably without being disturbed by the weather through our journey. I even have a discount offer.”

Everyone buys a product or service based on their own criteria – convenience or discount or quickness of transaction or interacting with warm people like us 🙂 So, we are telling you to CHOOSE your way of shopping.

At Melange Handicrafts, we are committed to bring you not only Authentic Handmade products, but also provide you with a satisfying shopping experience. We want a quality artistic product in your hand at the best price.Let me explain the options you have to shop HANDMADE.

Our facebook page,, offers you two options to buy your favorite products – “SHOP NOW” button and “Shop” section.


“Shop now” button on the top right corner on our page takes you to our


So, how does purchasing at our shop HELPS YOU?

You have a quick and easy scroll view of all the products in a single page. The products may be filtered by categories or discounts or COD. The best feature is you BuY with just ONE CLICK. Like the product you want, click BUY, make the payment and forget. The product will be at your doorsteps within stipulated time. A standard courier charge has already been fixed for each product irrespective of your location. It saves your time! Definitely, for your queries and concerns, we are a chat button away. You have the option of sharing each product with your friends for their opinion or in general share the Shop for your Love of our products 🙂

Another Option For You on our Facebook page is the “Shop” section available in the menu on the left of the page


Once you click the Shop, all the products are visible to you


Our Facebook page is where we began and holds dear to us esp. all our facebook followers. This is the place where you can read about our upcoming products, our projects, our exhibitions, and even see work in progress before anyone else. How does the shop section benefit you? Well, we offer a special price for our facebook followers means additional or definite discount on EVERY PRODUCT. You ask then why buy from our shop ( ??? In the facebook shop section, you inbox us about your order. We will discuss with you, take all details regarding product customisation, product quantity, and special delivery request you have (You can request product customisation also in our via chat). We inform you about the date of dispatch and provide you Bank Details for payment. Once payment is made, the order is processed. You also have the option to use PayTM over bank transfer. After order is dispatched, you are provided with courier tracking number. We inform you in advance the courier charges depending on weight of the shipment and your location. So, this option is a little longer, BUT here is where you come across our warmth and passion for what we do and don’t forget the Best Prices.


Signing off 🙂

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