My experiments with a glue gun

WIN_20150507_014603 (3)

From childhood, the moment two things,mostly paper, needed to be stuck together I used a glue stick. Then when someone broke a statue or a photo frame, I would have applied fevi quick and held the pieces together for sometime and then left them to dry. Now on television some shows like art shows or some machines series on foreign channels, I would see this gun people use to stick things. I always found it fascinating and thought of it as something special. So when in a craft supplies store I saw a “glue gun”, my eyes gleamed and I bought it thinking “Oh! I am starting a handicrafts business, I could use a glue gun”. It wasn’t cheap though, maybe some hardware store would have sold it for a lesser price or Nehru Place roadside sellers would have been the best place to buy it (thankfully I used my brain and bought my drill machine from there). Its a fact that even after owning it for 3 months I haven’t used it much, but it seems things will change.

Glue gun is somehow coming crossing as the best options to put together things other than paper. Fevi quik (one minute adhesive) can stick my own fingers and once it falls on hand its too difficult to remove. In addition, it irritates your eyes badly. I got silicone glue bottle and that wasn’t convenient to use. I keep squeezing the bottle and it never comes out. The glue decides to clog the opening of the bottle at its free will and then its work always to piercing it with a pin. Sometimes, I find excess glue has come out on its own and dried into a silicone ball.Well! this happens with the glue gun also but when its plugged in and hot.

I feel lazy to use a glue gun because you need to plug it in and then wait for it to heat up before you can use it and I dislike it when it drips after reaching the requisite temperature.But if someone has already set up a workshop where the glue gun sits at a specific place plugged in, then I guess the laziness factor will evaporate. On comparison of usage with fevi quik and silicone glue, I think glue gun wins. A v.important and good trick is to use hot melt glue from the gun in clusters or a thick line than just a droplet because then the glue remain hot for a while before you press both the surfaces together. Its good to plan in advance. For instance, I was making a packaging box and before doing my measurements and folding the corrugated sheet I switched “on” the glue gun so that it was hot and ready for use when I needed.It is definitely good to be cautious while pressing the two surfaces to be glued together because hot glue can almost burn your fingers. After switching on, I always leave a waste paper sheet below the gun so that if it drools then that’s not on my floor or desk.

This is my relationship so far with my glue gun. Next step will be to find packets of silicone glue rods (those are used in the gun) at a cheaper cost in Nehru place.

Signing off 🙂

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